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Hi there! I'm Laura, and I am so glad you are here. I hope this is a place where you can pause for a moment and be refreshed. I hope that you find wisdom and encouragement here, and you leave feeling a little bit lighter. And I hope that this blog reminds you that life is so much sweeter with a few dear friends.

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I'm Not Alone and He's Not Done

Dear Friend, Things have been kinda hard around here lately. Just over a year ago, I developed a puzzling case of chronic migraines and I...

You Become What You Notice

Dear Friend, If it’s true that ‘you are what you eat’ then I am made of sugar. Just as my dog is part poodle, I could be part peanut...

Looking for a safe place to land

Dear Friend, I’m not sure there is anything quite as humbling as child-rearing. For one thing, children have no filter. Questions like,...

A COVID Christmas

Christmas is quickly being overshadowed by COVID concerns and cancelled gatherings. The season feels sad and strange and far from wonderful.

God With US

Dear Friend, I love all things Christmas-y. The lights, the music, the cookies…it’s all pure joy for me. But there is more to it than hot...

Jesus is Better than a Labradoodle

This is Blue. Blue is our labradoodle and my de facto therapy dog. Blue makes everything better. He loves me unconditionally, he’s always...

Hope While You Cope

You may have noticed that the word ‘hope’ is used in a lot of different contexts, so the Biblical concept can get a little fuzzy.

The silver lining of a scarcity mindset

I have a confession: I tend to operate with a scarcity mindset. A scarcity mindset is a belief that there will not be enough of something.

What are your kids catching from you?

My kids are going to catch all sorts of things from me. They will likely catch a love for chocolate, a fear of spiders, and ...

Will you be a fool for Christ?

Are we worried about missing some big calling on our life while we miss a million little callings?

When you've hit the wall...

I can have one of those days when my life feels like a triathlon and I trained for a pie-eating contest instead.Days where I just hit the wa

The Good News & the Bad News

When is the last time you shared the gospel with someone? I’m talking, laid out the whole thing, from sinner to salvation? Maybe even...

You have an enemy.

I had forgotten that there is a conspiracy against me. Not a conspiracy between my dog and my snoring husband...

What does prayer look like?

Someone once asked me if thinking about something is the same thing as praying about it...

What does faith look like?

I’ve been reading the Gospels lately, and I am constantly struck by the contrast between those who believe Jesus and those who don’t.

On Becoming a Reader...

I have learned so much about life and people from reading terrific fiction books. It was non-fiction that I could not “get into"...

What Does it Mean to Take Refuge in God?

I want to find refuge under His wings (Ps. 91:4), but um…where are His wings exactly? Sometimes I get a little tripped up on the mechanics

Self-Care in the New Year

If your 2019 ended with more of a groan than a ta-da!, then I hope this exercise will help you develop a plan for 2020 that prioritizes...

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