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Hi there! I'm Laura, and I am so glad you are here. I hope this is a place where you can pause for a moment and be refreshed. I hope that you find wisdom and encouragement here, and you leave feeling a little bit lighter. And I hope that this blog reminds you that life is so much sweeter with a few dear friends.

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About New Year's Resolutions...

I thought I would share my unsolicited advice on navigating this minefield of expectations called New Year’s Resolutions...

The "why" of gratitude...

I’m learning that there is so much more to be gained from practicing gratitude, if only I slow down enough to notice...

The lady in the workout pants...

Life does not always look like candles, and stylish pj’s, and puppies under the Christmas tree. But there can be joy amidst the busyness and

3 Things I Miss About Parenting Young Kids

Dear Friend, Many years ago, I had two kids under two, a house full of diapers and toys, and bags under my eyes the size of New Jersey. I...

Lessons I Learned from Cancer

Five years ago this month I had colon cancer. And so, this month, I am celebrating being cancer free, and at the same time I am looking back

Homemakers are world-changers too!

Dear Friend, I’m a big fan of women Bible teachers, bloggers, and podcasters. I love that women like me can listen to other women teach...

Never Alone

Do you ever feel alone? And when I say alone, I mean more than lonely. I mean really, truly alone. Like it is all up to you and...

Parenting: Techniques vs. You

Parenting books are great. Techniques are helpful. But don’t forget that YOU are your best parenting technique.

Believe and See...

What if I have a confirmation bias that God is good and that His mercies toward me are new every morning?

It's okay to get emotional!

Let’s challenge ourselves to stop dismissing our emotions as the by-products of hormones.

Your Offering

Recently I’ve discovered a woman at church with an extraordinary ability to knit. Her projects are no mere potholders. No, she knits...

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