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  • Laura Goodyear

Your Offering

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Dear Friend,

Recently I’ve discovered a woman at church with an extraordinary ability to knit. Her projects are no mere potholders. No, she knits sweaters, and scarves, and hand-dyed alpaca wool rugs. It’s really quite amazing.

The other day I was marveling over her newest creation and she brushed me off saying, “Oh, it’s no big deal. It’s super easy.”

But here’s the thing: It’s super easy FOR. HER.

I cannot knit. My mother-in-law, bless her heart, has tried to teach me several times. I cannot knit to save my life. It's not easy for me and, quite frankly, I’m not that interested in trying.

This friend doesn’t think that her knitting is a big deal because it’s easy for her; but I think it IS a big deal precisely because it IS easy for her.

Listen, if you have found something that you are interested in, and you seem to be pretty good at doing, and it’s actually quite easy for you compared to others…well then, you, my friend, have found something that you are uniquely designed to contribute to this world. And that is not something to brush off. That is something to keep doing.

Why is it that at the same time that we are deeply longing to be someone special we dismiss the very things that make us special? Why do we do that?

I have my theories, but that is not what this letter is about.

This letter is simply to tell you to keep knitting, or baking, or writing, or running, if that is something that you enjoy and you seem to be good at. Do it for the joy of it and offer that joy back to God. Thank Him for the ability and don’t tell yourself that it’s no big deal. Everything about you is a big deal to God. He delights in your ability to knit a potholder, bake a pie, or calm a screaming baby in the nursery.

You are special. And you can do things that others can’t. You don’t have to be the best at something in order for what you contribute to be important. Life is not a contest. It is an offering.

Keep offering.

With affection,


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1 comentario

07 oct 2019

Thank you for this...I needed these words today.

Me gusta
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